A new rideshare app is in town, offering services from transportation and food delivery around Addis Ababa to moving services and everything in between. Tribe, an “all in one transportation solution” is set to launch in two weeks’ time.
The first of its kind in Ethiopia, Tribe’s all inclusive service offers a scope of support that goes beyond getting customers from point A to B, said Yonatan Awel, Tribe General Manager. Passenger service, carpooling, food delivery, moving trucks and cranes are a few of the services offered by Tribe. The vehicle categories span from Bajaj’s and motorcycles to luxury cars and SUV’s, depending on the required service.

There was a need for a transportation service that covers different sectors, he continued. Likening it to a company like e-commerce giant, Amazon, Yonatan explained that the aim of Tribe is to be a one stop shop for customers in need of transport services. Tribe hopes to make travel easier by cutting down time spent waiting for public transport and the cost of fuel, tires and spare parts for vehicle owners, he said.

With the launch date fast approaching, the startup company is currently in the process of registering 1,500 drivers, with hopes of registering more in the near future as part of their goal to help decrease unemployment rates, Yonatan said.
The company operates on a commission based system, whereby drivers take 90% of the earnings from each ride. Each vehicle type is allotted a certain amount of money in the form of a deposit; a Toyota Vitz for example is allocated 1,500 birr whereas a Bajaj is allocated 750 birr. To ensure a more streamlined and efficient process, Tribe will take the 10% from the deposited amount. The amount varies depending on the vehicle type, explained Betelhem Girma, Tribe Brand Ambassador.

In terms of accessibility, all transactions are carried out on the app. Customers have the option of paying with cash; alternatively they can opt for cashless transactions by paying with CBE Birr using the app’s ‘Tribe wallet’. The app also has a loyalty program, where customers get 5 birr for every 5km they travel with Tribe.

Aside from the expansive services the company offers, Tribe hopes to make a social difference as well, said Yonatan. With positivity and fraternity being part of the company principles, employees are encouraged to fulfill at least one act of kindness a day, which will then be posted on the company’s social media pages to further promote their vision.

Complementing the slogan of “going together”, the name Tribe was a conscious one, said Yonatan. “We wanted to remove the negative connotations around the word tribe, given the current state of our country. Our image is to be united by one vision and idea. We want to promote an image of a collective that thinks for and looks out for one another,” he concluded.