UPDATE [JUNE 12, 2018] – List of Names for 12th Round 20/80 Condominium Winners in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

A lottery was held for 1997 (Eth.Cal) condominium registrants for 2,605 houses in the presence of Addis Ababa mayor Dirba Kuma.

Out of these houses, 246 are studios, 1041 houses are 1 bedroom, 125 are two bedroom and the remaining 1195 are three bedroom condominium houses.

Registrants who have saved for 3 months or more have won the 20/80 condominium lottery for 3 bedrooms. Previous 1997 (Eth. Cal) registrants who updated their registration on 2005 (Eth. Cal) to three bedrooms will all get their houses.

For the other bedroom types, registrants who have saved for 58 months have been included on the lottery.

Today’s 12th round condominium lottery winners will receive their houses in 1 month. The price for the 12th round 20/80 condominiums will be equal to the price set for 11th round condominium winners.

If you want to find out the prices and winners of the 11th round condominium winners, check out the next link – 11th round 20/80 condominium prices and winners in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

11th Round Condominium Prices per square meter

Studio: 2,483 Birr
1 Bedroom: 3,438 Birr
2 Bedroom: 4,394 Birr
3 Bedroom: 4,776 Birr