Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has reported that it has earned 20 billion gross profit for the 2021 / 2020 budget year. The bank reported that it has collected 140 billion birr in deposits for the budget year, making it’s total deposit reach 735 billion birr. This marks the first time that the bank managed to collect 140 billion birr in a single budget year.

The bank managed to collect 2.86 billion usd in foreign currency from different sources. CBE’s total assets have reached a whopping 999 billion birr.

The bank managed to increase it’s number of branches to 1,700 while number of depositors reached 31.4 million. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) operates 3,091 ATM devices and 4,350 P.O.S devices through out the country. ATM users have reached 6.7 million.

In line with the bank’s focus on modernizing Ethiopia’s payment system, the bank managed to transact a total of 529 billion birr through it’s digital banking systems.