A number of private banks in Ethiopia have reported their unaudited gross profits for the 2021 / 2020 G.C (2013 E.C) budget year which ended on June 30, 2021 G.C (ሰኔ 2013). We have estimated the profit of the remaining banks by carefully analyzing previous year growth, current year’s performance as well as other key factors. We also consider one year’s worth of news to see for major expenses such as land and building purchase. Quarterly and half-year reports have also been considered to compile the list below. The following table will be adjusted whenever new and verified information is available.


  • [u] – Unaudited report reported by the bank
  • [e] – Estimation by our team
RankBankGross Profit / Earning
in ETB
Net Profit / Earning
in ETB
1.Awash Bank4.82 billion3.39 billion
2.Dashen Bank2.4 billion1.7 billionDashen Bank 2021/2020 Profit
3.Abyssinia Bank2.05 billion1.34 billion
4.Cooperative Bank of Ethiopia1.7 billion1.32 billion
5.Nib International Bank1.62 billion1.21 billion
6.Hibret Bank1.44 billion
7.Zemen Bank1.29 billion952.6 million
8.Abay Bank1.15 billion847.1 million
9.Oromia International Bank1.13 billion
10.Bunna Bank937 million670.5 million
11.Berhan Bank920.6 million
12.Lion (Anbessa) International Bank414 million334.5 million
13.Addis International Bank368.8 million271.2 million
14.Enat Bank289.4 million
15.Debub Global Bank262.3 million184.2 million
16.Wegagen Bank193.1 million

For a more detailed report with additional data such as Assets, Total & Paid-up Capital, Total  Loans,  Deposits, Total Income & Expense, Profit before & after Tax, Earning per share (EPS) and Number of Branches, Employees and Account holders, please visit the next link. –> Annual Financial Performance Report for Private Ethiopian Banks for 2021/2020 G.C (2013 E.C) budget year