While the previous budget year closed for most Ethiopian Banks, not all banks have disclosed their financial statements for the 2018 / 2017 fiscal year.

The following is a close estimate of their profit before and after tax for the 2018 / 2017 fiscal year.

Banks which have made their financial statements public have a specified value on their Net Profit column. You can find more details about those banks using the link provided on the Reference column.

Rank Bank Gross Profit
in ETB
Net Profit
in ETB
1. Awash Bank 1.96 billion 1.49 Reference
2. Dashen Bank 1.14 billion 929 million Reference
3. Wegagen Bank 1.05 million Reference
4. Oromia International Bank 938 million 728 million Reference
5. Abyssinia Bank 766 million 563 million Reference
6. United (Hibret) Bank 706.9 million 573.6 million Reference
7. Nib International Bank 678 million 514 million Reference
8. Cooperative Bank of Oromia 635 million
9. Lion (Anbessa) International Bank 500 million
10. Bunna Bank 427 million 311 million Reference
11. Abay Bank 419 million 317 million Reference
12. Berhan Bank 410 million 311 million Reference
13. Zemen Bank 271 million Reference
14. Enat Bank 216 million Reference
15. Addis International Bank 147.6 million 113 million Reference
16. Debub Global Bank 142 million 106 million Reference

For banks which do not have a specific value on the Net Profit column, the gross profit figures are close estimates and the exact figures will be adjusted when each bank provides an audited financial report to the public.